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Welcome to the official website of Coach Will Martel, where he strives to provide the men of the world with helpful and useful information to survive in daily life. He is also an actor, director, writer, and producer giving the audience the very best entertainment through filmmaking with his company Dragon Whip Entertainment that a wide range of high-quality video production services. Whether you want a video for marketing, teaching, advertising, or just for fun, he can help bring your ideas to life. If you would like to learn more about the different services that he offers, get in touch at [email protected] He is always ready to respond and help you take your ideas from the drawing board to a finished product.

About Will

Born and raised in Chicago, Will has done film, television, stage productions for many years, and recently attended the Harold Ramis Film School of Second City for film directing and a published author of three books. Will is also a men's life coach creating a YouTube show called The Menosphere where he provides the male audience with red pill knowledge on surviving as a man in today's world. If anyone has a story to share or needs coaching contact him at coachwill[email protected]

Will is a highly-qualified video production and film professional who has spent several years as an actor in the entertainment industry working on a variety of projects. He is passionate about delivering excellent quality video products and film projects. He brings an open-minded and friendly culture to each task that makes it easy for him to work with any client and successfully meet their expectations. He also keeps abreast of new trends in the industry and keeps himself sharp with the latest techniques in storytelling.


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